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Guys, Yoga ta try this

Fitness Mosaics: Excerpt from chapter 7

As one who is devoted to, and writes about, health and fitness, I have sought out and experienced a wide variety of vehicles that are designed to improve the human body. Free weights, machines, circuit training, treadmills, stair-steppers, elliptical trainers, recumbent bikes – you name it. If it can be lifted, pushed, pulled, climbed, walked upon or rode – I have done it. 

In addition to the individual programs, I have also thrown myself head first into the group activities. Aerobics, step aerobics, spinning, kickboxing, and variety of choreographed routines that have come in and out of fashion. Unfortunately, many these routines over the years were to prove, with no uncertainty, that I have all the grace and agility of a wombat. But, if it was available, at some point or another I was out there shakin’ what I've got.
The exception to all this – and a glaring omission – was Yoga.

Even though I write about fitness, and am an ACE-certified personal trainer (American Council on Exercise); when it came to Yoga I generally defaulted to typical "Guy Mode."

Yoga was something I always saw women doing; female instructors and participants always seemed to dominate the Yoga classes. I mean, I knew in theory Yoga helped develop strength, flexibility, and coordination (or at least I read about it to pass one of my continuing education courses), but it was kind of like the IT folks down the hall––I knew they did something really important, but my only interactions were no more than exchanging pleasantries when we passed.
That would all change when I decided to try the P90X fitness program. Over the years P90X aroused my curiosity. It seemed to package many of the routines I knew worked well, and had written about; plus, you cannot swing a dead cat without seeing a P90X infomercial on TV. In my never-ending quest to understand all things fitness – I decided to see what it was all about.

The program consists of 12 DVDs full of strength, flexibility, and cardio routines that are performed over a 90-day period. One of these routines happens to be Yoga.

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