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Download Free Body Mechanics Workout Charts

Anyone who has made a commitment to physical fitness has discovered that it consists of three important elements.

1. Knowledge of the body's muscle groups and how they work.
2. Consistency in performing exercises that isolates those muscles.
3. Setting goals, achieving them, and then setting new goals.

It is number 3, goal setting, that is the basis of Body Mechanics Workout Charts.

Record keeping is one of the most neglected aspects of working out. You would not think of writing checks out of your checkbook with out recording the amount spent. A sporting event would be very difficult to follow if the score were not displayed. Your Paycheck would not be accurate if accounting for your time were not kept. Yet when many people approach a workout routine, whether it is free weights, circuit, aerobics, or even jogging or power walking, they simply perform the routine with little to no accounting for the progress that has been made. In many ways it is as if they are starting over each time they work out.... and progress is measured by increased resistance and prolonged endurance.

Keeping a journal of your workout is as equally important as proper form, balance and weight selection - it completes your properly designed training program.

Charting the progress of your routines gives you an accurate overview of your training program and can assist you in identifying strengths and weaknesses with out having to rely on memory.

As you progress you will constantly find yourself referring to the information you have recorded about your workouts. The knowledge of how you successfully trained one body part can be applied to another. Your fitness journal will become an invaluable piece of information.

Analyzing and evaluating the information that you have written is the key to keeping a fitness journal. Information on your personal goals, measurements, body weight, body fat, sets, reps, pounds, cardiovascular endurance, and target heart rate are all available for any given day.

Within the pages of your fitness journal you will find your strengths, weaknesses, incentives, habits, personal goals, and achievements. Analyzing your past performance is the key to your future progress.

These free Body Mechanics charts will help to reach your fitness goals.

Download Free Workout Charts

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